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About the guides

It's more than just hunting, it's a way of life. 

   Adam Mertz


Honkers ducks or snows, that's what I do for 9 months a year. To say that it's my passion is putting it lightly. I've been chasing snows hard for over 15 years and guiding snow goose hunts for over 10 years. Putting birds right in your face is my intention every time out. People that have hunted with me in the past never question my drive or enthusiasm when it comes to decoying these white birds. I guarantee that we will work hard and do everything we can to give you a successful hunt and a great experience. 


   Jonathan Olson


The very first thing I want to stress is that snow goose hunting is my passion.  I have been hunting snow geese for 16 years with success. Going up and down the flyway from Canada to Arkansas and back has been a normal routine for me. As many know and have experienced, I put in the extra effort that it takes to separate myself from most snow goose hunters. Snow geese are the toughest bird to harvest consistently of all waterfowl and experience is extremely important in harvesting them.  Let me show you what my passion is all about and have a chance to experience a great snow goose experience!  Book a hunt today!


   Brian Klein


I have been hunting waterfowl my whole life. Snow Geese are my passion…that’s what I live for both Spring and Fall. I have hunted snows in many  states and typically follow them up and down the flyway.  I have been hunting snow geese for roughly 20 years and guiding for over 10 years, quite successfully.  I put all my passion and my obsession into every hunt I do.  Seeing a flock of snows tornado down into the decoys is what I live for!  Please join us in Arkansas for the hunt of a lifetime.  We work hard to put you on the best hunt we can everyday. Snows are the smartest, wariest, and hardest waterfowl out there. Please join us for an unbelievable experience.


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