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About the Hunt


The Snow Addictions team is dedicated to putting you in the best position to harvest the most geese.  All the hunts are half day hunts moving on feed fields if possible everyday. Some days will be all day hunts based on the guides discretion. Your guide will be very knowledgeable to what's going on and know if it is worth hunting the evening run or not. There are a lot of factors to snow goose hunting that puts numbers on the ground and that is scouting. Half day hunts gives your guide the opportunity to scout for the best possible field. 





Everyone knows that weather is a factor in all hunting which often dictates our success in the field. Certain elements help harvest more birds and other elements hurt harvesting snow geese. You never know what Mother Nature will throw at us which is why we call it hunting!




Accomodations and Details


To keep information private, we will send an email with all information regarding the hunt once it's booked including:


  • What to bring

  • Accommodations

  • The hunt location


You are welcome to bring your hunting dog if you purchase an exclusive field. Without an exclusive field, bringing your own dog is not permitted. 









The Schedule 


Snow Addictions offers guided hunts exclusively in Arkansas February 1st - March 10th.


All hunts are a minimum of 3 days and you may choose either:


  • Monday - Wednesday with the option to add Thursday

  • Friday - Sunday with the option to start early on the Thursday before


There are no exceptions to the 3 day miminum. We feel very strongly about hunting at least 3 days to get the full experience of Arkansas' finest snow goose hunting!






Contact us for Current Pricing.



It is not reality to expect to shoot 100+ snow geese everyday although the possibility is most definitely there. The opportunity to harvest large numbers of snow geese are there for you and your crew to experience something you have never experienced before snow goose hunting!



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